SOLFERT 20-20-20

• Producer: S.C. SOLAREX IMPEX S.R.L.


Crop Dose Conditions Details
Potato3 - 4kg / hafoliar; from budding to tuber formation
Potato10kg / hafertigation; from budding to tuber formation
Sunflower4kg / hafoliar; when plants are 30-50 cm
Wheat3kg / hafoliar; from budding to budding
Any approved crop3 - 4kg / haleaf
Any approved crop10kg / hafertigation
Watermelon3 - 4kg / hafoliar; from 2 true leaves to flare
Watermelon10 - 12kg / hafertigation; from 2 true leaves to fart
Tomato3 - 4kg / hafoliar; all growing period to maturity
Tomato10 - 12kg / hafertigation; the whole growing period until maturity
Vines4kg / hafoliar; before flowering to flare
Vines10kg / hafertigation; before flowering to fester

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