acetamiprid • Producer: NIPPON SODA Co. Ltd



Common red mite Aphid Worm bucha The Colorado beetle The shiny cockroach of kidnapping Rapeseed stem weevil Vine moth White hothouse moss Grey lice of crucifers Woolly lice San José's skunk louse Green lice Red Tree Spider Common Red Spider Asian grain weevil Honey Apple Borer Corn leaf curl The California Trips Tobacco Trips Rapeseed wasp Pests
Crop Dose Conditions Details
Pepper0,125kg / haGreen lice
Potato0,1kg / haAphid, The Colorado beetle
Cucumbers0,25kg / haWhite hothouse moss
Cucumbers0,4kg / haThe California Trips
Onions0,2kg / haTobacco Trips
Wheat0,1kg / haAsian grain weevil
Apple0,3kg / haWoolly lice
Apple0,375 - 0,45kg / haSan José's skunk louseSummer generation
Apple0,375 - 0,45kg / haSan José's skunk louseIt is applied at the appearance of the first forms.
Apple0,45kg / haAphid, Common Red Spider
Pear0,2kg / haThe Honey Buzzard
Maize0,1kg / haCorn leaf curl
Plum0,25 - 0,3kg / haSan José's skunk louseApplies to the emergence of mobile forms - San Jose lousewort, summer generation.
Plum0,45kg / haAphid, Common Red Spider
Plum0,45kg / haCommon red mite+0.5% adjuvant - winter treatment - Aphids, Common red spider mite
Plum0,45kg / haSan José's skunk louse+0.5% adjuvant - winter treatment - San Jose lice
Rape0,15kg / haThe shiny cockroach of kidnapping, Rapeseed wasp
Rape0,2kg / haRapeseed stem weevil
Cabbage0,075kg / haGrey lice of crucifers0.0125%
Cabbage0,15kg / haWorm bucha0.025%
Vines0,25kg / haVine moth

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